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Herbal Yoni Steam

Yoni steaming is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your body and reignite your feminine energy

Herbal Yoni Steam

Yoni steaming is a powerful ancient remedy that has been used for centuries by women worldwide

Women around the world have been using herbs to achieve & maintain reproductive health for thousands of years.

Plants have been used for thousands of years to aid health and well-being. Our ancestral mothers knew that there are certain herbs that are particularly helpful for the female reproductive organs, menstrual cycle, and postpartum care.

The vagina is one of the most absorbent tissues of the female body and so this is why womb steaming is used as an effective form of self-healing.

Specific herbs are boiled in water. The properties of these herbs infuse in the water and you then sit over water, allowing the steam to rise into your vagina and womb space.

Steam has been used as medicine for thousands of years. Steam helps clear mucus & the sinuses, it increases blood circulation, steam opens blocked pores and detoxifies the cells, steam disinfects...

Steam and smoke have also been used in shamanic and other traditional cultures to aid with the removal of evil spirits/energies

You are likely to see great benefit to this ancient remedy if you suffer from irregular or painful periods, infertility, uterine fibroids, bladder and yeast infections, vaginal or ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids or scarring from C-sections. Yoni steaming is also recommended even if you are not experiencing any of the above, as it is a great way to soothe and pamper yourself, and is known to relieve anxiety in women.

What are the benefits?


Sitting over the steaming herbs allows the healing properties & essential oils of the herbs to absorb into:

  • the delicate skin of your labia

  • the pores of the walls of your vagina (the steam encourages the pores to open)


As the steam cools down, the pores close and trap in the healing properties allowing the healing to continue even after your steam session.


Periods- before, during & after:

  • steaming improves menstrual flow by facilitating the release of clots and old/stagnate blood from the womb (your first period after steaming may therefore be slightly heavier, thicker or darker for the first couple days as everything is detoxed)

  • steaming lightens your cycle

  • steaming reduces and prevents painful menstrual cramps

  • steaming helps alleviate pain before, during, and after your menstrual cycle

  • steaming reduces menstrual bloating

  • steaming treats irregular and absent periods by improving blood flow & circulation to the pelvic area


Post-partum & post-miscarriage:

  • steaming helps the uterine (womb) walls contract back to their pre-pregnancy state

  • steaming helps to heal and repair sore vaginal tissue

  • steaming facilitates the release of clots and old/stagnate blood leaving the womb after giving birth

  • steaming helps the pelvic floor organs to move back to their original position- it helps with uterine prolapse

  • steaming helps with vaginal dryness by increasing cervical fluid; dryness may be experienced after childbirth


Spiritual / Emotional / Bodily Connection:

  • steaming connects you to your ancestors and creates space for ancestral womb trauma healing

  • steaming promotes emotional & spiritual healing from past womb traumas e.g. miscarriage, abortion, sexual abuse etc.

  • steaming connects you to your divine feminine energy

  • steaming connects you with nature (fire element, water element, earth element & air element)

  • steaming helps clear negative energies & blockages from your womb space

  • steaming connects you to your menstrual cycle

  • steaming helps you prioritise self-care

  • steaming leaves you feeling re-energised, rejuvenated, and body-confident

  • steaming promotes self-reflection and self-development



  • steaming balances your hormones

  • steaming is said to help prevent early menopause

  • steaming is said to clear chronic vaginal irritation & peri-menopausal vaginal symptoms

  • steaming is said to tighten the opening of the vagina (and so some use it to enhance sexual pleasure)

  • steaming is said to help with vaginal dryness by increasing cervical fluid (and so some use it to enhance sexual pleasure)

  • steaming is used to treat & prevent endometriosis, PCOS, yeast infections, and womb cysts


'' How Do I Do It '' ?

Many women today are rediscovering this therapeutic practice.

It's a gentle, natural, and non-invasive way to support your feminine wellness.


You can do it yourself at home. - ( Go to the bathroom before steaming.)


  • Boil water in a pot (use spring water to avoid the chemicals in tap water; use about 500ml of water). Turn the heat down after it reaches a boil and place 1 cup of your chosen herbs into the water, allowing them to steep for about 5 mins.

  • Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool slightly before using (about 5 minutes to avoid burns).

  • Either transfer the mixture into a bowl (BPA-free if plastic) or place the pot directly under your yoni chair, or in your cleansed toilet or over some pillows in a pot.

  • Set your intentions for your steam ( emotional healing, physical healing, clarity etc. )

  • Undress from the waist down and squat or sit above the herbs allowing the steam to rise to your yoni. Keep the warmth and steam in by wrapping a large blanket around your lower body.

  • Steam until the water becomes cool (some women should not steam for longer than 10 minutes )

  • During your steam: journal, meditate, drink a cup of herbal tea etc. Avoid flicking through social media or watching mindless TV.

  • Ending your steam: Thank yourself for the self-care, self-love, and self-healing session. Thank nature for it's provision by returning the herbs to the earth- pour them outside in your garden or other outdoor space.

  • After your steam: Continue with further intentional relaxation e.g. snuggle under the duvet with a book, lie down, or take a short nap.


You may feel tired or emotional during and after your steam, so make sure you rest and keep warm afterward. Naturally, this makes evenings a great time to do your steam.


Are there any precautions / contra-indications?




1) Do not sit too close to the steam to avoid burning yourself.


2) Do not yoni steam if you:


  • are on your period (this it will most likely make your blood flow heavier. Also note that Ayurvedic principles advise against using anything that may interrupt with the downwards flow of energy during your menstruation.)

  • are experiencing spotting before your period and the blood is fresh and red

  • have had spontaneous heavy bleeding in between your periods within the last three months (i.e. if you've had two periods in a month within the past 3 months)

  • have had two periods within the past month (i.e. a period every 2 weeks)

  • are fighting an illness such as the flu or a fever

  • are pregnant - because (1) the steam could affect the growing fetus (2) the herbs can cause the uterus to contract resulting in early labour or miscarriage (3) the steam relaxes and opens the cervix, which could result in early labour or miscarriage. Some women do steam if they are already full term (from 38 weeks) to help induce labour, but this should not be done alone- please ensure you are steaming under the supervision of a yoni steaming practitioner.

  • think you might be pregnant because (1) the steam could affect the growing fetus (2) the herbs can cause the uterus to contract resulting in early labour or miscarriage (3) the steam relaxes and opens the cervix, which could result in early labour or miscarriage (if you are trying to get pregnant, you may steam but avoid steaming during or after ovulation)

  • are experiencing a miscarriage - wait until your body has completely finished this process as you do not want to experience further heavy bleeding. If the bleeding has turned to brown and the pregnancy matter has cleared out, you may start steaming. Steam for a few cycles post-trauma or miscarriage.

  • are within a week of having laser hair removal (wait about 2 weeks to steam)

  • are allergic to any of the herbs

  • have a piercing down below (remove it first to avoid burns)

  • have just had a wax (wait about 4 days to steam)

  • are still waiting for confirmation of whether you are successfully pregnant after artificial insemination from IVF or IUI (if you receive confirmation that pregnancy hasn't occurred, you may resume steaming)

  • have open cuts, wounds, stitches, blisters, or sores down below and it hurts as you are steaming (if it doesn't hurt, steaming is ok)


3) Stop steaming if you feel any of the following during your steam:

light-headed, unwell, dizzy, nauseous, shortness of breath etc.


If you are unsure whether to steam, speak to your General Practitioner first.


Options for your yoni seat:

  • sanitise your toilet bowl & seat- place your pot into the toilet bowl (I don't personally recommend this method)

  • buy a special made yoni seat/stool online

  • do child's pose over your bowl whilst resting your arms on an ottoman (or a stack of large cushions) and resting each leg on a yoga block or pillows.


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