Sacred Blends for Smoking & Drinking.


10 Grams of loose Herbal blends that Can be used In both smoking & drinking.


Wake up sunshine, time to rise and shine!

This soothing blend connects you with all your senses, ground your body and elevates your energy during the day. with the fresh taste of mint and the supportive herbs, this blends will have you feeling motivated and inspired for a new day.

Clear your mind and conquer a new beginning with this sacred blend.


For smoking :

Grind 1,5 g of Sacred smoke Blend

( mix together with cannabis )

or smoke The Blend like it is.

Roll it up or enjoy In your Pibe / Smoking tool.


For Drinking:

Add 2 g of The Herbal Blend In a Tea bag or filter

and let It sit & extract all The Herbs

In Hot water for 8-10 minutes before drinking.


Good for:

Daily Ritual • Rise up • motivation



  • Mugworth
  • Blue Lotus
  • Calendula
  • Yarrow
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint


Health benefits include but are not limited to:


Blue Lotus - Originating from Ancient Egypt during religious ceremonies and to reach higher levels of consciousness. Natural anti-anxiety solution and stress reliever this herb generates a calming euphoria within the user. May produce tingling sensations, enhancement of dream state, vividness and lucidity of dreams as well as enables dream recollection.


Mugwort - This magical plant is sometimes considered a "woman's herb" for its positive effects on the female reproductive system. Nerve calming, diuretic, energy boosting, promotes circulation, helps ease headaches, anxiety, fatigue, restlessness and irritability. also Used for headaches, nosebleeds, chills, and nerve problems


Lemongrass - Helps to relieve anxiety and ease physical discomfort due to digestion issues, including bloating and heartburn. Prevents infection and is great for pain relief


Peppermint - Improves blood circulation and relaxes the nerves. Clears the lungs and makes breathing easier. Sharpens and increases mental capacity in that moment.


Calendula - AKA "Liquid Sunshine". Burns smooth and evenly. Tastes delicious! Anti-Inflammatory, calms muscle spasms, helps with PMS symptoms.


Yarrow- The sedative properties of this herb enable it to alleviate muscle tension, fatigue, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, stress and hot flushes.It is used as a natural hair growth stimulant in both women and men. The diuretic properties of Yarrow flower enable it to reduce high body temperatures and fever. It is commonly used as a stimulant for appetite when it is ingested. Smoked as a tobacco substitute and is sometimes used to aid quitting of smoking. It is an excellent ingestion remedy when it is taken before or during a meal.


For Spiritual use:


Blue Lotus Flower - Used as a way to elevate and communicate with the Gods. Symbol of rebirth and life.


Mugwort - Strength , protection, healing, prophetic dreams


Peppermint - Healing, love and mental powers.


Calendula - Associated with the Sun, love & consistency, healing


Lemongrass- Strong anti-depressant, improves mood, increases clarity, sweetens communication between people.


Yarrow - Courage, love, divination, release & healing.


Created to support you on your journey & daily rituals with natural remedies and help from Gaia.


All our Sacred Smoke blends are handmade with 100 % all natural, organic herbs and flowers and non toxic, rolled in raw hemp paper and chlorine free cellulose filter.


  • Shanti essentials’ sacred herbal smoke blends were created for recreational and ritual use by responsible individuals 18+.
  • Free from chemicals, nictotine, tobacco and other addictive substances.
  • Not for pregnant or lactating women.
  • If you have a medical condition or on any medication, please consult with your doctor by providing them the list of ingreditens.
  • Intended for intentional use by responsible individuals.
  • Empower yourself by doing your own personal research about plants and the different ways to consume them.

Sun Blend - 10 g Sacred Blend

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