For you who is on the journey of learning to love yourself. to embrace every aspect of you, and to know your worth. I've been there myself, and I know the struggle it can be, to learn how to love yourself and give yourself that love, you give so freely to others. Explore your own beauty, and start loving yourself today.

To go deeper in your self-love journey, you have to believe in your inherent worth.

If you don’t believe in your worth – your ability to love yourself, and show up for yourself fully will fall at any hurdle.


Simply put, your feelings of worth are tied to the love you extend to yourself. So when we talk about self-love we have to talk about our worthiness and self-worth.

The more you see yourself as worthy, the better impact this will have on all areas your life, and the more you will show up for yourself with love, kindness, empathy and grace. Sounds easy right? Well, there’s a catch. It does take work!

Some of us have wounds (sometimes known as the unworthiness or worthiness wound) that stem from our past, or events from our development years, that have caused us to believe we are unworthy. For many of us societal structures, or cultural expectations can also alter our view of our self-worth.

Self-worth is not something that needs to be achieved, it is something we already possess.


But when life happens, which of course it does, our view of our self-worth can become clouded. It’s not that it disappears, it’s that some of us might have difficulty seeing it, and therefore find it harder to bounce back from situations that happen in our lives. But only when you see your worth, are you able to heal your barriers to self-love and build on your relationship with yourself. So I’ve gone ahead and broken down self-worth into 5 key components, to help remind you of its presence in you.